Frequently Asked Questions

How many characters may I include in a text message?
A standard text message is limited to 160 characters. Touchpoints offers exclusive technology that allows up to 1600 characters. Characters means letters, numbers, spaces, symbols and punctuation. Usage is calculated per 160 character segment.

Can you forward incoming texts to my personal mobile phone? And can I respond from my phone?
Yes and yes!

Can you guarantee delivery of every text message that I send?
Unfortunately, we cannot. As text messaging is a store-and-forward technology dependent on carriers and their networks, it is impossible to guarantee delivery of a text message (although our open rate is over 97%).

Can I receive and respond to individuals from the group text messages that I sent?
Yes, you can! When you text a group, people actually receive that message individually, so every contact is on an individual thread, communicating with you one on one. No one else will be able to see their communication with you.

Can I send a single text to one person?
Yes. You can always message one person or a group of people, depending on who you select before drafting your message.

How long does it take to deliver my messages?
Text messages are usually delivered to mobile phones at a rate of one message per second. Thus the larger the list the longer it takes to get to all of them. During peak hours, there could be a short delay. Please note that additional delays may occur if recipient’s phone is turned off or out of the coverage area.

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