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It's so easy to start sending and receiving text messages NOW! No downloads to install, just log in from your favorite browser and you're off. Send a personal message to one individual or to thousands with the click of a mouse. Manage text replies from your computer or cell phone. Stay in touch and never let anything slip through the cracks again. It's never been so easy.


With our global reach and carrier relationships, you can text in almost 200 countries all over the world. From North America to Asia, you can now stay connected whenever and however you want. You can even have a local phone number from them if you want.


With the cloud comes freedom! Now you can stay in touch from anywhere in the world at anytime. Whether you are in your office, on the beach, or sitting on the couch in your living room, the choice is now yours. You never have to worry about losing data, message histories, customer files or conversations. It's all there, from any computer, anywhere, and anytime.

Read the reviews

  • "I have been using touchpoints for over a year now. We have thousands of clients in the system and it gives us the opportunity to reach out to each one of them individually with the click of a button. Our business has seen an increase in sales as well as a much quicker response from customers with the convenience of texting. My favorite feature it the ability to customize it to fit our needs."

    Melissa Carnesecca, AZ
  • "I can't say enough about this program. It has literally changed our business. We are now following up and staying in perfect contact with thousands of our people. The response we get with text is immediate and really adds a personal touch to things. Scary to think about what was happeing before we used touchpoints."

    Tyler Van, MA
  • "I wanted to thank you for helping me sign up with touchpoints. I have received great feedback from my customers. It gives them another avenue of communication and also a sense of personalization. Touchpoints has also helped cross sell business with my existing clients. Thanks again for all your help."

    Mark Bryant, ID
  • " About every 3-4 months I will send out different touches to my contacts. Generally when I do this I write 15-20 pieces of business from that blast! I see touchpoints as a way to solve the issue of timing. It keeps my phone ringing and I love that!"

    Mike Porter, UT
  • Alerts/Reminders

    Never forget again! With custom alerts available for you and your contacts via text or email, nothing will ever slip through the cracks. You can set it and forget it. "Good businesses get it right most of the time, but great businesses never miss."

  • Desktop Texting

    Text right from your desktop directly to your customers cell phone. All touchpoints numbers are enabled for two-way text messaging, so you can actually have a conversation. You can route the incoming response to your computer, your cell, or even both. The best of everything rolled into one.

  • Schedule Events

    With the option to pre-schedule any message for any day, you will never miss an important event again. Send a message to your contacts on their anniversary, birthday, or any other special event. You could be home sick or on vacation and rest easy knowing your messages are being delivered.

  • Security

    Your security means everything to us. We don't take chances or cut corners. With locked down servers and constant monitoring in place, privacy and security of your data is assured. We never sale or share your information to anyone for any reason!

  • Drip Campaigns

    Want to stay in touch with people over extended periods of time? You can custom-build automated drip campaigns via text and email to stay in front of your contacts. Whether it's for one week or one year, make sure you stay in front of them at the right time with the right content. Down to the minute!

  • Client History

    With your touchpoints account, you will have detailed histories of all your interactions with your contacts; from your text conversations to emails sent. Don't forget about the notes and files you want to save to their profile. You never have to remember what was or was not said. It's all right there for you.

  • Local Numbers

    Every touchpoints number works for text and voice. If you want your contacts to feel like you sent them a message, it needs to come from a local number (not some random short code). If your contacts call your number back, we have you covered. You can have that call routed to your cell, business line, or anywhere else you want.

  • Multiple Users

    Do you have multiple users that need to be in your account at the same time? Again, no worries. All touchpoints accounts allow you to have as many users as you need, all logged in at the same time from different locations. This means you can have multiple staff, talking to multiple contacts all at the same time.

Any Network


Our relationships are managed with wireless carriers and networks all over the world to ensure that you never have to worry about your text message being delivered. Touchpoints integrates with all major wireless carriers to create the perfect experience. Your text message will be delivered straight from the carrier to your contact's cell phone anywhere in the world.

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Text messages have a 98% read rate
Text messages have a 100% open rate
Texts are typically read within minutes of being received
Mobile phones have reached 100% penetration in the US
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