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Effective Communication with your contacts has never been so simple! Send out an unlimited amount of texts to all of your contacts for one simple rate!

Mobile Is king

Centralize your communication from one easy platform.

It’s no secret that people live on their phones, however no one has time to take phone calls. So while your customers are living their best lives, prepare to communicate with where its convenient, Two-Way Text Messaging. Your customers are most likely trying to text with your business whether you know that or not. Think about how many more touchpoints you could have with Two-Way Texting, turning your customers into Raving Fans!

Two-Way Texting

Your customers/contacts can get help, ask questions, or provide needed info straight from their phones. Remember these aren’t just marketing blasts, these are touchpoints that matter!

Drip Campaigns

Schedule personalized texts, emails, voicemails, and reminders. Let Touchpoints communicate for you and nourish with a personal touch!

Custom Groups

Organize your customers/contacts into unique, custom groups. Always communicate relevant information. Reach your new referrals or potential prospects with ease. Personalize every message no matter the group!

Mass Messaging

This feature allows you to send highly targeted touchpoints to all or your contacts. One message, One Platform, 10, 50 or 5,000 recipients. A mass message with a personal touch

Ringless Voice Drops

Pre-recorded messages that you can send directly to your customers/contacts voicemail. Give them a little personal touch without taking too much time!

Keyword Opt Ins

You can use “keywords” making it simple for your contacts to opt-in to your special offers, events, and promotions. Touchpoints will collect their names, phone numbers, and more!

Seamless Approach For Reaching Everyone.

Because we know how hard it is to remember to send every message you have in mind. Touchpoints remembers for you, so all you need to do anymore is set it – and forget it.

It’s like it’s Christmas morning

and we have a new toy to play with. Touchpoints lets us do more than we even expected to accomplish.”

Shane, GMI Insurance

“It’s like a rotisserie chicken –

I just set it and forget it. I set up a single keyword on day 1 and ended up with two new loan applications that day!”
Nathan, mortgage officer

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